The Instagram Stories feature is gaining popularity both for consumers and businesses alike. With 300 million daily users of Stories, it is no wonder that brands are trying to stand out in this market and produce some cool content.

Some companies have already found their niche in the world of Instagram Stories and thanks to their creative use of this platform have had some very effective results.

Instagram Stories

#Instagram polls to draw engagement

Use story polls! Make your questions short and simple. Use a picture that relates to your poll.

#Using questions to relate to your followers

Make your questions option easy to answer and ask. Repost answers on your story to entice others to ask questions.

#Instagram sliders to measure success

Use the sliders feature to see what your audience likes and doesn’t like. You can post a picture of a product and have them rate it. Use this as a beta test for upcoming products and deals.

#Location to drive more views

By tagging the location, it will pop up on the location feed. Post your story at the right time, possibly mornings to draw view throughout the day. When getting more interaction on a story it can pushed to the top of the location page driving even more view and page visits.

#GIFs to draw interaction

GIFs catch your eye and make you view the story longer. Moving GIFs turn your picture story into a video which catches more eyes.

#Story hashtags for new followers

Just like your posts, you can place hashtags on your story as well. You can only use one to choose wisely. Use a popular hashtag in your niche.

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Instagram Stories

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