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10 things that I think one should not do in life

Don’t let anyone make important and life changing decisions for you: It’s your life, you should be the driver and writer of your own destiny. When you allow others to take decisions for you, you choose a life that others want you to live. Moreover, if you screw up things later, you can not blame […]

They are sensitive, more than you can think: A True Story

She was walking towards her room, slowly with her swollen feet. She was shivering and sweating. Her eyes were filled with tears of loneliness and abuse. She recalled all those moments, when she sacrificed her – happiness, comfort, ambitions, health, sleep, for her son. She had just rested her fragile body on the bed, when […]

Never Become the Reason of Your Parents Pain and Tears

Parental love is the supreme example of unconditional love. A mother begins to love her child as soon as she conceives it and it ends only with her last breath. Similarly, a father works day and night to secure the future of his child, demanding nothing but love and respect in return. But the matter […]

9 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Success in life

Lie to yourself. You can trick yourself into believing something, but that usually has an expiration date. You know the times you told yourself you don’t really care about a relationship or a dream job, when in all truth you really do? Or when you told yourself it’s okay to walk away from something difficult […]

What things should Someone never do in life?

Don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t like them to do to you. We shouldn’t do all those things which we wouldn’t like if they are done to us. This list can be very long. First of all never hate others. Love is god and god is love. Hate is the opposite of love. And […]

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Negative thoughts

You’ve got to stay positive to conquer life. But you can’t do that with distorted thought patterns. This is because your thoughts condition your life. Therefore, if you seek to stay positive in life, your thoughts is the principal thing to adjust. Here are 5 simple tips to break free from Negative thought patterns so […]

20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit

The truth is that we are blinded by the sad truth instead of seeing the beautiful truths that are right in front of our eyes. One can go through all the temptations and evils of the world and come out the other side with a totally different perspective. This perspective — that comes from living […]