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6 Undeniable Facts of Life

Life is short We are all aware of how short and fast life is yet we continue to take it for granted by not living it to the fullest. We spend less time with our loved ones and devote most of our time with work; we settle for mediocrity by continuing to be lazy and […]

Some undeniable facts about life: Birth to Death

At age three, you start speaking. Now the rest of your life, you would never keep quiet. No matter how hard you try, there won’t be silence in your life. Don’t expect internal silence. At age five, the carefree sleep you’re having, you won’t have that kind of sleep ever again in your life. Because […]

Success teaches you how to earn money….

Success teaches you how to earn money, Failure teaches you how to live life! To all parents, There was a very brilliant boy, he always scored 100% in Science. Got Selected for IIT Madras and scored excellent in IIT. Went to the University of California for MBA. Got a high paying job in America and […]

Negative thoughts – Are we right in doing this?

I have heard people saying some negative things to others and to themselves. “Your dark.” “You’re not good enough.” “You are worthless.” “You are not that pretty.” “And you are the ugly twin.” Would you feel comfortable reading what you just read out, to your sister or brother but as if it was about her/him? […]

The hardest truth of life – Part 2

Many have said it but nobody really cares about you but your parents. When you lose them you realize this more than ever. Hardest truth of life…….. Everybody wears a mask Money is extremely important and it solves a lot of the problems and can in fact make you happier and confident in life. Money […]

Feelings – Should be shown or get ridden off?

What are feelings? Feelings are something that emerges out of emotions and desires. A feeling can be happy, joyful, sad, angry, anxious anything. I don’t understand why feelings always have been seen as a part of someone being weak. Why do we consider if some shows feelings he is not strong? We say he is […]

You will be judged: A Moral Story

A True Story: You will be judged SM was the chief manager in a office. The setup was new and so was he. Being a stickler for perfection, he would personally supervise the day’s transactions. His quiet demeanour was different from the friendly atmosphere around. As a result, no one was comfortable around him. He […]

Self-worth: The feeling of being understood

Don’t you at times feel no one understands you? Or in fact, you yourself don’t understand you. You don’t feel self-worth. One of my favourite ones is which I usually think about is emotional vocabulary. Harvard, you can Google this, has this great table and it shows how limited our emotional vocabulary is. What I […]

The hardest truth of life – Part I

Everything is temporary: Everything. The good times, the laughs, our triumphs, all are temporary. People are temporary, Feelings are temporary. The relationships that color our worlds are temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Everything ends, even life itself. Not yours or mine, but the life of our universe will alsoone day come to an end. It’s true, […]