Don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t like them to do to you. We shouldn’t do all those things which we wouldn’t like if they are done to us. This list can be very long. First of all never hate others. Love is god and god is love. Hate is the opposite of love. And love is the quality of god hate can be attributed to satan. Never discourage others. The moment you discourage anyone you push him down. Experiences in life…..

Experiences in life

There are the things (Experiences in life) which needs to be learnt thoroughly.

On career:

Never see someone’s success and follow them :Please listen to your own heart and get a purpose for the life. Then connect it to your work. Happiness is knowing what you want and diverting your whole energy towards it-as said by Robin Sharma.

Don’t listen to your heart blindly: Don’t forget to do extensive research on the market of your job industry. For ex, your heart may say to work and have a career in playing Sitar. But, no one likes to listen to it. Then, don’t do it.

Don’t dream but work on it: Idealization without execution is a delusion”.-Robin Sharma Start working harder on your dreams.

On friendship:

Never spend on your friends heavily at the cost of your parent’s money. If your parents cannot afford an iPhone, don’t ask them. Its ok, if you cannot throw a party on your birthday in a good restaurant. Just, know your parents affordability.

Never give your valued belongings to your friends: They definitely, don’t know their value. One can spoiled your bike, phone and also laptop because of this. Give them only if they desperately need them.

Don’t make friendship for status or for others: Don’t try to talk or make friendship just because someone is famous in college. Friendship is about trusting and sharing. Find a person whom you trust and can share your feelings.

Don’t maintain groups: Don’t maintain any groups. For ex: people belonging to particular region, religion, caste, sex, class, college etc., maintain groups. Be open minded, don’t judge the person by color of the skin but judge him/her by the content of character-as said by Martin Luther.

Don’t try to desperately make friends: Friends just happen. You don’t have to search for them. During the path of your career, project, assignment, tours, volunteering etc., you can make friends. Don’t try desperately.

On social work:

Don’t donate but work: I’m serious. Many of the NGOs are fake. I donated lot of my money which I could have saved. Never donate your hard earned money. If you are a doctor, then organize health camps. If you are a software engineer, organize and teach computer skills to students. If you are a marketer, then freely market for small companies. Work on your expertise. Gandhi worked but never donated.

Donate blood but don’t forget to track it: Ask the hospital or the NGO, how your blood was utilized. Beware, blood is being sold for huge price.

Love children but don’t give them valuable belongings: Don’t make kids in the orphanage get used to a lifestyle which they cannot enjoy at their place. Just share love. Mother Theresa just loved but never gave costly clothes to kids.

Experiences in life

On house:

Think of maintenance before building a house. Don’t just build a duplex just because you can afford it. One of my relative built the finest house and they are now suffering a lot because of their decision. Couldn’t maintain it. Abdul Kalam owned a small house but he made crores of homes in people’s heart.

On car:

Just because your friend has an expensive car, don’t buy it. See the cost of maintenance and affordability. You may like going for a holiday in Switzerland while your friend visits local streets in Delhi by his Jaguar. Know what you want.

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Experiences in life

On marriage:

Neither take nor give dowry: Have you know a marriage where Rs.250 crore was given as dowry. The marriage broke down in 2 years as the bride has spent Rs. 5 crore in the first year for her parties. On the other hand, a person got married without taking dowry. They are the most beautiful couple you have ever seen. No strings were attached to their marriage.

Never leave your parents for your marriage: You have already taken a lot from them. Don’t leave them when you have to give.

On relationship and love:

Don’t commit to a person if you are not independent: The first rule of being dependent on others, is to be independent as said by Stephen R Covey in his book 7 ways of highly effective people.

Don’t love a person from one side: Don’t invest your time and energy in attaching so much value to a person. It never comes back. He/she cannot understand that value. For ex, you may save a month salary to give your lover a gift, it might have been the same gift, her father has given her on her 10th birthday. Proceed, only if both of you like each other.

Don’t break up easily after committing: Two cases, one had a divorce because husband want to keep the fan speed at 5 and wife at 2. They never slept happily. Another case, her boyfriend saw her being dropped by his friend at hostel. She had no choice but to go on his bike as it was late at night. For this, he had beaten her hard. Former case is non sense and in latter case, there is no use of living together.

Experiences in life

On hobbies

Don’t try to do everything: You may love skating, playing basketball & football, cycling, reading books, writing, riding etc., But you cannot do everything. Shorten your hobbies. Focus more on what you can continue after 5 or 10 years.

Don’t skip Newspaper(online/offline): Its waste of living in the world without knowing what is happening around you. As my psychology professor once said, life is all about knowing the risks, reducing them and moving on.

On social networking

Neither like too many pages on Facebook nor read News in it: Facebook was designed to keep in touch with friends. Of late, you a being targeted by the MNCs and other media depending on your place, sex, age, interests and educational background. Beware of what you read,think and act. Don’t waste time on reading non sense.

Text less on Whatsapp: I know everyone of us are in love with it. Use it only if it is mandatory. You are neither deaf nor dumb to text 24/7. Strength of emotional bond increases when you make an eye contact with the person. Later, it is for video call, next for a call and last for texting.

Don’t mess with Linkedin: There are many aspirants waiting for a interview call. Don’t create non sense stuff in it.

On philosophy

Don’t enjoy the product but enjoy the process: Nishkam karma yogi of Bhagavad Gita asks us to be detached from the end result but try our level best to achieve goals. For ex, Mark zuckerberg wants to connect the whole world with Facebook. If he can’t? Does it mean that he has wasted his life? No right.

Don’t just follow your religion: Question it. Contradict it. Compliment it. Have in depth knowledge of your religion and know basics of others. All religions propagate similar principles except that each religion was a product of the situation. Ex, Buddhism in 5th century BC was product of subjugation of traders by Brahmans of Hinduism. Of course, Hinduism was reinvigorated by Swamy Vivekananda.

Last but not Least

Don’t follow a person but follow their work: As Gandhi says, don’t hate the person but hate their work. Suppose if suddenly my Dad do some mistake, its my responsibility to correct him. Also Do hate your friends drinking but not your friend.

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