Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya is the great knower. Many important things have been written in the Chanakya Policy written by him. The main theme of this book is to teach the human society practical lessons at every time of life. Chanakya, on the basis of his principles, installed King Chandragupta Maurya on the throne. Today we are going to tell you about some of the topics said in The Chanakya Niti which may come in handy at any time in your life.

According to Acharya Chanakya, everything in the world is in the hands of God. God makes the king a slave and a beggar a king. God makes the poor the rich and makes rich the poor. Everything in the world is in dispute so one should consider before taking any decision in life. Just as an elephant remains fickle even when it is old, shining even after burning with a gold fire, similarly, people of good character leave their mark wherever they go. The real gems are gold, water and knowledge.

Chanakya Niti

There is nothing bigger than these three gems. In difficult situations, the servant is tested, in times of crisis, of a brother-in-law, of a friend in the field of objection, and of his wife in the time of loss of wealth. One person should learn from a lion, 4 times from a Heron, 5 from another, 6 times from a dog and 3 times more than a tiger. One should learn from the lion to keep his mind even when the work is big.

According to time, the quality of working by one’s strength is from Heron, from timely sleeping, getting up, eating from deer, collecting from time to time, not trusting others from crows, being satisfied with a lot of hunger, being awake even in deep sleep, becoming a dwarf of the gardener.

A bad person commits bad deeds and is more terrible than a snake. The sea is the greatest but here also comes the storm. The sea breaks its boundaries and destroys them. But true saints and wise people never break boundaries.

No matter how beautiful a human being is or born in a big house, even if he is not educated, his condition is like a flower which is beautiful to look at but deprived of fragrance. The armed force can attack at any time, the wife can make false allegations at times, so they should be avoided. Friends will let us know your feedback through comments, thank you.

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