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Content Writing Tips

Am I the only one who goes blank when we sit with our word document open just to type our thoughts down and suddenly we are all blank? Or does this happen to you too? At times I am full inspired to start writing a content and then suddenly I feel I don’t have a […]

8 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

We can always use a few shortcuts to save time. Here are eight useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work in Excel. 1. Add border to cells Alt+H, B If you want to add an outline (outer) border around your selected cells, just use this quick shortcut. 2. Insert table Ctrl+T Use this shortcut to […]

Google Analytics: Some Basics

One such tool that helps in analysis and execution of campaigns is Google Analytics. Every time a brand sets up a website, they set up Analytics for it. Analytics is a tool by google which helps you track all the information related to your website. But how is it helpful to a media planner? Well, […]

Blogger Outreach Program or Campaign

The Rise Of Blogging And Social Media Social media marketing has evolved substantially since it first became mainstream. As social media has achieved a critical mass, a lot of what was done before — such as broadcasting the same message to your entire audience — has become less effective. Now more than ever, your social media […]

Paid Search V/S Organic Search

There are 2 Search Types: Paid and Unpaid. So whenever you search for something online, it gives you results which are organic search, which means they are natural and are based on various factors. This is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. But many a times you get search results which are paid […]

About Ad Relevance

Let us scan the format of an advertisements to see how the way to write it matters. When you design an advertisement to be put on Google, it scans it and comes with the status of your ad. This status is what we call Ad Relevance. Ad Relevance is nothing but a measurement of how […]