A famous person once said, “A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is, it is what the consumers tell each other it is.” That is where Social Media Platforms step in.

Facebook – The Unique Platform for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms are nothing but mediums for companies or brands use to carry out their social media strategies and campaigns. All of you about these sites in fact better than me. But let’s see how brands use these sites as a medium for social media marketing.


One of these platforms is our very own Facebook. Let’s see how marketing works on this medium. It is the most used social media platform for marketing today. Did you know that 90% of marketers use this platform to promote their services!

But you must be wondering why Facebook? So the answer to that is the fluidity of this platform. Facebook is extremely easy to use and it simply helps you plan out your entire advertising thing.

I was just checking the recent statistics of Facebook users and you will be surprised to know that it has 1.69 billion users today. And out of these around 98% are professionals. From simply being an idea that developed inside the brains of 2 humans in a 4 wall room to becoming the world’s largest social network. Facebook has come a long way.

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As you it can be used to share photos, videos, company updates and a lot more. It’s something we do every day. But how is it helpful from the marketing perspective? Well, Facebook gives you tons of options to optimize it in a way which portrays your brand and its services at its best.

Features of Facebook goes beyond individual pages to groups. Brand pages, events and Facebook messages all of which can be used for effective marketing campaigns.

Facebook groups are user created and the privacy and settings of these are much like your Facebook profiles. From professional groups to interest based groups like nutrition center groups or groups of brands or companies organizes is purely based on customer interest.

Facebook events are created by brands when they are about to organize in an event – both online or offline, in a particular time frame or on a particular day. Facebook gives the feature to simply transfer the event from Facebook calendar to any other digital calendar making this feature extremely useful and reliable.

Talking about Facebook Business Pages is a blessing for brands. Facebook Business Pages have evolved over time and generally are a mirror to what the company is like. The evolution of business pages is commendable as Facebook has come up with various new features in terms of analytics, reporting, security etc. which help in the changing the face of the business page over the time.

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Facebook Messenger is nothing but a source to combine email, Facebook messages and instant messenger. Its comparatively new as you may know but it’s catching up with other messengers.

With all these features a brand no longer stays a distant company selling certain products but someone who talks to customers and listen to them as well.

Yet another feature of Facebook is Facebook Advertising which makes marketing extremely efficient on this platform. Ads are an extremely integral part of Facebook today. They help brands and companies to connect with customers who might be interested in your products and services.

So when you see certain posts on your news feed which says “Sponsored” written on it. But have you wondered why these ads are specifically on your wall? I’ll tell you why. You see brands on advertisers before executing their advertising campaigns define who they want to be on the basis of factors such as age, location, interest, etc.

So after deciding who they want to reach the advertisers create and run ads for them. But how did they do this? Well, firstly the advertisers will choose a goal for their business. It could be selling of products or maybe brand awareness. Secondly, they will create a target audience that he wants to reach out to.

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After this he will create an Ad which will be showcased on Facebook, Instagram and other mobile apps with the help of Facebook advertising tools. Finally, they show these ads to people to the target audience.

With the simplified and do-it-yourself advertising feature, Facebook makes social media marketing extremely easy. Lots of companies and brands have thus benefitted from it big time.

One such brand is Horlicks. This particular brand ran an advertising campaign across both TV and Facebook instead of just TV. By doing this, they observed a 61% rise in their campaign reach more than they did via just TV. Horlicks majorly wanted to attract the campaign performance via an ad campaign both TV and Facebook which sure turned out a huge success as compared to only TV ad campaigns.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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