In the previous post, I told you’ll about how the client, agency and publisher are involved in digital marketing. Following are some terms that are used in the digital world:

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Digital platform

A digital platform is a type of a business model which allows various participants, here we could say, our companies and its customers, to connect to each other, to create and transact value. These digital platforms are well suited because the company and the customer both do not know each other. So it helps build trust. Most importantly, they help generate revenue.

There are 5 types of digital platforms: Display, Mobile, Video, Search and Social.

Search: This is the entry point in digital Marketing. This is usually a text-based search on search engines.

Display: Display is everything that you can usually see while surfing on the internet. It takes banner ads from print media to digital media.

Mobile: Mobile is immensely used nowadays for digital marketing. Marketing via mobile is through various mobile apps, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

Video: Whenever you open YouTube videos and before the video pops up another short video is nothing but a digital marketing ad. Print media has been ruling since long but now is the age of video format.

Social: Last but not the least is the social platform. It combines of all the above platforms into one. One example can be Facebook.

Ad Units

Ad Units are nothing but mediums that carry a brand’s message through publications and application in a certain format. All ads have certain guidelines which are defined by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Apart from may guidelines provided major ones are:

a) Your ad should be interest based.
b) Audio must be user initiated.
c) Your ad unit should have a defined ad space with border.
d) Video ads should have a certain video controls like play, pause, e) mute depending upon the format of the video.


Metrics also known as key performance indicators or KPI, are certain values that marketing teams use, to check whether their marketing campaign is successful or not. They track their campaigns and the growth of marketing strategies using metrics.

Real time bidding

Real time bidding is an auction process where advertisers bid in for the best ad slot based on impressions. By real time bidding, the marketing campaign is optimized and the advertisement reaches the correct target audience.

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Target Audience

Target audience is none other than the consumers a particular company wants to reach out to, based on their products and services. If you don’t categorize your audience, a lot of time and resources will be wasted reaching out to the wrong ones.

Here are some major points studied before creating a target audience:

Behaviour: Behaviour is basically the online surfing routine of customer. What time does he come online the most? Which are the websites he searches the most? Are they relevant to your websites?

Contextual: Is the customer a male or a female? What are the things he/she reads online? Is it entertainment or family or about banking? What type of content is he/she interested in? All this is studied for a clearer picture about him/her.

Geographic: Where is the customer from? What is his exact location?

Demographic:This has to do with the age and gender of the customer. Does it match the scope of your product or service?

Interest: In most importantly, what is the customer interested in? what kind or products is he likely to buy online? Will he be interested in your products?

Author – Ankita Mundhra

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