Digital Marketing is a wide term used for the marketing of various products and services using digital platform and technologies. Its majorly on the internet but also display advertising, mobile phones or any other digital media.

Digital Marketing: Important Peoples Involvement
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There are 3 important people involved in the digital marketing campaign: the client, the agency and the publisher.

The client

The client creates a digital marketing brief and gives it to the agency to tell them what exactly do they what and what the agency would want to know.

Digital marketing brief is a written document which has certain parameters and information which the client wants its agency I know. These parameters are very essential for the agency to design an apt strategy or campaign.

Every client or brand has a digital marketing manager. A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and services.

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Whenever a company or client wants to send a digital marketing brief to an agency, the digital marketing manager sits with the product team and finds out the answer to 4 important questions.

a) Why they need a strategy?
b) What exactly they want out of it?
c) The target audience and their behavior.
d) The major objective out of the campaign.

This draft is then sent to the marketing agency from where the actual process starts.

The agency

A digital marketing agency helps in the development, planning and promotion of a marketing strategy.

If a client does not have the creative ideas, strategies, or plans, a digital marketing agency creates it for them. The digital marketing plan is made for promoting a product or a service. While doing so, the agency keeps in mind the main objective of the client.

The brief consists of 12 pointers:

Client Background: What does the company do? For how long has it been in the market?

Marketing Objective: Is the objective to maximize dales? Or to maximize reach?

Market Trends: What are the key market trends? Why does the client need media plans?

Measurement: How will these objectives be measured? In what terms? Sales Data, Market Share or something else?

Target Audience:This section has a brief record of the demographic and psychographic terms of Target Audience. Who are their major customers? Whom do they want to reach out to?

Markets: Which markets are they going to deal with? Where will the campaign be carried out?

Product Attributes: What is the product to be sold, all about? What are its features? What all does it consists of?

Product Proposition: Why customers would buy the product? What is the value of their product in the market?

Competitive Insights: Who are the major competitors of the client? Is this marketing strategy in defense/attack to a strategy they came up with?

Brand Positioning: How will this strategy or plan help in Brand Positioning?

Legal Requirements: The agency about the legal requirements, permissions and compliance requirements of the company, if any.

Budget: What is the budget of the company? How is it distributed?


Publishers help an Agency in the actual execution of their digital media plan.The Agency decides upon various parameters with the help of the Client, and now, passes it all on to the Publishers.

The publisher is the one who is responsible for actually executing the marketing plan.

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a) Provide technical support to Agencies, which the agencies lack.
b) Execute the entire strategy given to them by the agency.
c) Make sure the strategy reaches out to maximum amount of people, and also the right kind of people, based on the product and its customers.
d) Innovative techniques which could help in customer engagement and a better reach of the product.
e) Responsible to give out sales leads of the product being sold.
f) Responsible for getting an audience to the marketing strategy or campaign designed.

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