LinkedIn Marketing? Everyone knows LinkedIn is the perfect place for companies to reach out to their potential buyers as this social media platform is restricted to business needs. So why would any company leave this golden opportunity?

So here is a step-by-step LinkedIn Marketing Plan created by me for your help –

Step 1 – Define Your Marketing Goals

The most important question that you have to answer before you do anything on LinkedIn is: What is it that you want to achieve with LinkedIn marketing?

Whether you want to use LinkedIn to reach decision-makers in your industry, to create awareness about your brand among potential B2B clients, or to add a professional segment to your mailing list, you have to start by defining your goal.

Step 2 – Create AND Optimize Your Profile

This step is very important because LinkedIn users are actively growing their networks all the time

By optimizing your profile first thing, you can start doing other LinkedIn stuff, such as creating your company page, and not worry about not being relevant, because you already built your presence

Step 3 – Create AND Optimize Your Company Page

This same applies to company pages

You have to go the extra mile and optimize it with information that is relevant to decision-makers in your industry, and to add a series of content pieces


Furthermore, you have to optimize your company page for search right from the beginning

Optimizations you can apply on your company page include inserting search engine optimizations, such as keywords and search terms, within your company page details and in your content

Step 4 – Grow Your Audience

Once you set up your profile and company page, you are going to start growing your audience

Because when you grow your audience, you not only build a strong network, you build social proof for your business

And this will be important down the line, because having an active network of company page followers increases trust in your brand, and you will be able to use this as social currency

Step 5 – Create And Publish Original Content

Successful LinkedIn marketers thrive on original content. That’s because what keeps people going back to their profiles and company pages. And you can reverse-engineer this simple strategy by publishing your own original content on a regular basis

The best type of content that you can publish is content that audiences find interesting i.e. content that helps grow professionally

Step 6 – Sponsor Your Content And Create Ads

This is true for LinkedIn as any other platform: organic outreach can only take you so far until you stagnate

What this means is that organic reach and engagement have a peak where it gets increasingly difficult to keep growing

So at that times you need to sponsor your content and create ads

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Step 7 – Analyze Your Performance

It is important that you keep an eye on how well you do on LinkedIn

There are tools provided for analysing your performance like Analytics for Publishing and Campaign Manager Analytics for Ads.

These tools will help you see detailed performance metrics that you can benchmark against the performance of your competition. Also against your own goals.

This can help your analyse which are your strong areas and which areas you need to improve.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

Please feel free to drop off your suggestions and I hope this helps you towards your successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies!

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