Want some LinkedIn Marketing Hacks? Everyone knows LinkedIn is the perfect place for companies to reach out to their potential buyers as this social media platform is restricted to business needs. So why would any company leave this golden opportunity?

So here are some LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for your help –

Comment On Relevant Content

Thought leadership, management style, and product leadership are the content styles that establish authority and drive engagement on LinkedIn

What you have to do it to leave comments on posts, videos and publications made by users and brands in your niche

Now, because the idea is to establish authority, you have to contribute with thoughtful comments that contribute to existing conversations

You can do this by giving your point of view or some complementary information

By contributing this way, you’ll expose your profile and brand page on the content feeds of other users

Produce Rich-Media Posts

Using visual media is a great way to help your content stand out in the feed

Rich-media posts can produce two different types of engagement, depending on the media that you use. Let’s break this down quickly:

If you want to get lots of comments, upload an image to your post

If you want to get lots of shares, upload a video to your post

Add Your Custom LinkedIn URL To Email Signatures

Your company emails are already an amazing marketing channel, and you might as well leverage them to promote your LinkedIn profile to your B2B leads

And you can drive traffic from those sources to your LinkedIn channels by slipping your custom LinkedIn URL as part of your email signature

Once you have your custom URL, you will simply have to attach it at the end of your email signatures as a text link

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks

Host Live Events

There is a huge segment of B2B leads that love live events such as conferences and webinars

This doesn’t have to be complicated of course, and you can do it in a few simple steps:

Schedule a Live event on your platform of choice

Record yourself announcing the live event

Create a LinkedIn video ad to promote your live event

If possible, create a sign-up form using a tool such as Google Forms, to capture attendees and their email addresses

Send daily reminders 3 days in advance of the live event

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Encourage Staff Networking

If you have employees or staff, it is a good idea to encourage staff networking

Then, encourage them to become your brand ambassadors by getting them to share your company page content, and to provide their own thoughtful content about your brand or products

Author: Ankita Mundhra

Feel free to drop in your comments and views about these simple LinkedIn Marketing Hacks!

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