Just like your wardrobe, where a lot of unused clothes gather dust, your work and lead generation funnels also tend to get complex over time.

The truth is that you do not need a lot of different lead magnets and funnels to make it big. Remember, simple things are easier to scale. Complex things are harder to scale. It is easy to build the complex. Harder to build simple.

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Think about Apple. They have a limited set of products and there is no paradox of choice. It is easier to scale the business when you have a limited set of products. Nokia did the mistake of making too many products and they missed out on focusing on the most important part of the phone – the OS and the app store.

You just need to build it once, if you build it perfect. Once it is perfect, you can scale it to the moon. Create content and products that can replicate without adding too much complexity to the scale.

When you start going deep in a niche, have a very clear understanding of what people want. Create a strong digital product that acts as a lead magnet or tripwire. Then up-sell them on a premium product or service and repeat the steps all over again. Find different sources of traffic and drive all the traffic to a single landing page and a single funnel.

As I always say: Building High Traffic, Do Deep Marketing and the sales will happen naturally.

You can scale your business to crores in revenue with a single funnel if you build it well.

That’s it, a reminder to keep things simple, not just in your lead generation funnels, but also in your life.

Steve Jobs used to live in a house that had no furniture. That was his reminder to keep things simple and minimalistic. It is a discipline that you develop over the years because the mind is constantly pulling you towards making things complex. It might be satisfying to create something in the short term but in the long term the complexity is not worth it. Clean your mind, clean your house, and clean your business. Make it as simple as possible. You can travel faster and farther.

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