Get traffic offline: As digital marketers, we often forget that what we are doing is not just about digital but it’s about communication with real people in the real world. Through the content we create online, we reach out to people through the digital medium, get their attention and invoke feelings of connection with us.

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There used to be a time when people were excited to get emails but were getting a lot of postal mails (some of which they didn’t even open because they thought it was spam).

But today, people get more emails and fewer postal mails. And when we get a postal mail we get excited because there is something to hold. We are all tired of looking at laptop and mobile screens all the time and we like to read books, magazines, and postal letters. I am pretty sure that you have had a similar experience and would love to read something offline.

That’s why you should not ignore postal mails completely. If you can send something to your audience in a postal letter once in a while, it will help you brand a lot. When you send a postal mail to your subscribers, they will not throw it away immediately. They will keep it on their desk and someone else might see it as well. It is like re-marketing in a 3D space offline.

You can also send stickers, notebooks, pens, and other things that add to your brand value but don’t cost you a lot. When you send a physical item on a postal mail, it doesn’t blend in with the other emails that your subscriber gets. Mails like bank statements and phone bills are usually flat and you don’t want your mail to be buried along with the other boring emails. The physical item, even if it is small and lightweight will not blend in and usually will be at the top of the mail stack.

We have always been excited about gifts that come to us when we least expect them. That makes one always excited.

When people receive it, they usually post it on Twitter and other social media platforms. With such posts, the brand spreads and creates a positive brand image. For the people who are lurking in the background thinking of buying from me, it is good validation.

You can also think about getting people to subscribe to your offline paid newsletter and send them postal emails. You can send a magazine once in 3 months and the articles published in the magazine can also be posted online. By posting it online, you are leveraging SEO traffic but you are repurposing the content to be sent offline as well. Imagine you write 1 article a week. That would be 12 articles for 3 months. Along with images and infographics, the 12 articles will easily consume 50 pages. A 50-page magazine with some ads will be a perfect quarterly journal for your subscribers. You can give the online edition for free and charge for the postal newsletter or you can give the entire subscription at a cost and include the postal mails along with it.

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