We all work hard.

We earn and save.

But many times we do not know how to save and invest in a proper way.

People say that if we invest in gold and real estate, it will retain its value and appreciate it in the long term.

But investing in such instruments is not easy. Liquidating them is also not easy.

I have been making profits for a long time. And instead of showing profits, paying tax on it, and then investing it in growth instruments, I have done something else.

I have invested all my money in lead generation.

And I have put people on an automated email sequence that delivers one email per day to them for years.

Every lead I pay for is an expense in my business but I treat it as an investment. Because I can make revenue from the leads by doing webinars and selling products.

Just like a real estate property yields a rental income on a monthly basis, your audience will yield advertising and sales revenue in a consistent manner.

What is the most valuable commodity in the 21st century? Some say it is gold, some think it is real estate, some think it is bitcoin.

I will tell you what is the most valuable commodity.

Attention. Best Investment

If people are paying attention to you, then you can monetize it. The cheapest way is to run ads for other businesses (like YouTubers do). The second way is to sell affiliate products to your community. But the best way is to sell your own products and services.

In the previous era, media companies built TV channels, Newspaper publications, and other forms of media. They made money through advertising from corporates because brands did not know where to advertise their products and services.

But with the massive adoption of the internet and social media, any brand can become its own publication and attract attention. You can build trust with that audience and retain the attention for a longer period of time.

The best part about lead generation and a drip marketing sequence is that you do not need to keep creating content to engage the audience yourself. You can set up the automation and the engagement takes care of itself. Is there any better investment than this?

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