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The Power of Influencer Marketing On Instagram

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing can be one of the most valuable forms of targeted marketing when done properly. It’s extremely crucial to find accounts in your niche not with a large following, but with high engagement on their posts. This way we know their followers are active and dedicated. Important shoutout styles We […]

Growing Instagram Followers Organically

Everyone knows Instagram has boomed so much that brands can’t lose opportunity of Instagram Marketing. Instagram Marketing can not only create an awareness about your brand but also help you generate sales. Everyone knows we need followers and engagement on Instagram to create your base. People turn to third party apps and bots to increase […]

Performance Marketing – An Overview

Performance marketing is very important in today’s digital marketing as many social media platforms like Facebook are also opting for it. Now in print media there was a lot of spill over in terms of audience. So platforms started realizing that they could control this spill over in digital marketing and also lot of scope […]

Digital Marketing MCQs – Part – I

1. True or False: 99% of digital marketers use Twitter to market, 97% use Facebook, 70% use Google+, 69% use Pinterest and 59% use Instagram. a) Falseb) True 2. In the year _, LinkedIn was launched, followed by the launch of _ in 2004. a) 2002, Facebookb) 2001, Twitterc) 2004, WhatsAppd) 2003, WeChat 3. Two […]