How many times have you got an email that you didn’t want?

How many times have you got an SMS you didn’t want?

When you get unsolicited messages, you get irritated. And even if you are not a customer of a brand (and don’t need to be), you develop a negative image of the brand.

That’s why consent is important. It is important in relationships as well as marketing. If you are sending a message to someone who has not requested to receive marketing emails from you, it is non-consensual marketing.

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There is a thin line between sending an email to reach out to someone personally and send marketing messages that are unsolicited. When you get emails of people, you can send emails to them personally and maybe via mail merge tools. They will not feel irritated. I get proposals from agencies and opportunity requests from potential candidates all the time. I am ok with that. I am sure even you have received emails from people who have tried to get in touch with you and sometimes you might have even found it useful.

However, never put all these emails in a bulk email marketing tool and start shooting messages. Bad things will happen if you do that.

First, it is unethical to market to people without their permission. If you do not like it, others will not like it too. Second, you might end up hurting your email domain name sending reputation. I send these emails from my email id and the deliverability of these emails is excellent because I am very careful to send emails only to the people who opted in to receive emails from me. And when people choose not to receive emails from me, I remove them from my list and never ever email them again.

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It might be tempting to send emails to people who have opted out in the short term, but it will affect your brand reputation in the long term.

I wanted to tell you this because this is one of the most important lessons in lead generation. Respect your users to build a strong brand in the long term. There is no need to cut corners.

Learning how to generate leads is a lot of power and with great power comes great responsibilities.

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