Content Marketing is basically the use of any kind of content text, image, video, audio and these types of visuals to achieve your business goals.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

What’s different from Regular Marketing?

Content Marketing is more about the content itself being educational, inspirational even if it’s just entertaining. It’s not just specifically to sell something so it’s not a commercial. It’s not a billboard that says “Buy Now”. It’s more of a piece of content that’s interesting and that engages with your audience and through that you start to build an audience that knows and trusts you. And ultimately you can also sell through your content.

Well you’ve probably heard the saying, “Content is king.” So what that really means is that content is what really helps grow an audience. There’s a few different specific key strategies with content marketing one is just to increase brand awareness. So just to get people aware of what your brand is a lot of people in the world have probably never heard of you or your business. And so putting out content helps people become aware of you.

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The next is more specifically to find new customers. So beyond just getting the word out for who you are as a business, getting people to who will potentially be your customer. So that includes things like getting people to take action by following you on Facebook or subscribing to an email list. Taking those kinds of actions and then lastly driving sales through an article or a YouTube video or social media posts. Now let’s break some preconceived notions about Content Marketing or just marketing in general. Do you need a lot of money to do Content Marketing and to have success? No not at all. And that’s the beauty of this world that we live in right now. Anybody with a computer or even a mobile who has ideas in their head can create amazing content, even if it’s the simplest thing like social media posts or writing an article. But beyond that you can take amazing photos and create amazing graphics and visuals with free online tools and a smartphone can help you create amazing videos. So you don’t need a lot of money to do content marketing well.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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