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The first and the most obvious way to put your lead generation skill to use is to generate leads for your own business. If you are a freelancer, you can generate leads to find clients. If you want to get a job, you can generate leads of potential employers. If you want to sell affiliate products, you can sell them to your leads. If you want to find students for your online training programs, you can generate leads.

And most importantly, you can generate leads for your own business – whatever the business it might be.

But there is another opportunity I have not mentioned in the list above. Have you ever thought about starting your own Lead Generation agency business?

You can help other businesses with the lead generation skills you have and generate leads for them.

First, build some authority for yourself as a lead generation expert. This means that you have to have a personal brand. Write a few articles about lead generation on your blog. If possible, publish a few videos on lead generation. Help some clients out with potential leads and get their testimonials. Your initial clients can come at a low fee so that you can build your credibility first.

With your lead generation tactics, you can generate leads of businesses who need lead generation services and using the same tactics, you can generate leads for them.

Let me give you an example. When I was researching who is ranking on YouTube for lead generation related content, a video showed up of a person. He is doing content marketing for lead generation.  I found out that this person also has a lead generation agency.

You can just Google “lead generation companies” and do some research yourself. You will find that there are plenty of businesses that are offering lead generation services and it is a lucrative business model.

You can start as a freelancer helping other businesses with lead generation and if you have found out a target market that works well for you, you can scale it into an agency.

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