If you are looking forward to having a set of well-nurtured leads who will look forward to your emails, then you need to improve the connection that you have with your audience Live Webinars.

Live Webinars
Live Webinars

Sending high-quality and useful emails is one method. However, if you are hiding behind your laptop screen, your leads cannot build a relationship with you.

If you want your leads to get excited when they receive a message from you, you need to work on building a solid relationship with them.

Even though I recommend drip marketing and deep marketing sequences, I am still not going to ignore live interaction completely.

If you do a live webinar for your audience once in a while, then they will feel more related to you and will be excited to open your emails.

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When you can put a face to the name of the email sender and if you can visualize them, then there is a higher chance of opening the email.

Doing a webinar for your audience is very easy.

Here’s a small checklist of what you need if you want to do a webinar for your audience:

– Get a tool like Zoom to do live webinars for your audience

– Create a webinar registration page on your Zoom account

– Send the link to the registration page via email to all your leads

– Send a reminder email just before the webinar starts

– You can expect around 30% of the people who sign up for the webinar to show up live on the webinar

– When you deliver the content live, also record the webinar and publish it on YouTube. Send the email to all your leads.

Your perception as an authority in front of your audience will go up even if they know that you are someone who does live interaction with the audience.

Most of the bloggers and marketers do not go live in front of an audience. The fact that it is a little bit difficult to do live webinars should also be seen as an advantage because if it was easy, then everyone would do it.

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