Don’t Over Post

Avoid posting too many times a day. It sounds like a good idea but it can bore your audience, get you un followed and create a reputation as a spammer.

Don’t Ghost Your Audience

On the other hand, it isn’t a good idea that goes to your audience by not posting either. In fact, missing your regular posting frequency for a day or two can lower your relevance by a lot.

Don’t be Salesy

Avoid using sales language on Instagram. Don’t use calls to action urging people to buy. Instead, encourage people to visit your product pages by offering an incentive.

Don’t Share Stock Media

Never post stock images or videos on Instagram. Instagram users are put off by stock content because they’re there to see content that shows your brand’s authentic side.

Don’t Share Irrelevant Content

Don’t post content that isn’t relevant to your audience. While you can share off topic content that your followers will enjoy, you have to avoid sharing stuff that’s too irrelevant.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags

You don’t have to use all thirty allowed hashtags just because using too many hashtags will just make your captions look crowded and disorganized.

Don’t Use Auto-Commenters

Instagram users can identify automated responses from a mile away. In fact, automated responses can cause people to dismiss your account as a spam account not worth their time.

Don’t Buy Followers And Engagement

This is a strategy that fails every time because the Instagram algorithm is really good at identifying artificial engagement. But to inflate metrics and it can only help you to make your account irrelevant.

Don’t Argue With Users

Social media users can be really mean and rude at times but that doesn’t mean that you have to reciprocate. Always replay professionally to rude comments no matter what.

Don’t Steal Content

If you’d like to share an image, video caption or quote that you think is cool, make sure to always ask for permission and accredit the original creator to keep your account in good standing.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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