Be Consistent

Polls consistently and on a predictable basis to keep your followers engaged and glued to your account. Try sticking to a content schedule if possible.

Always Use the Link in Your Bio

You can’t add links to your Instagram posts. So it is a good idea to always use your bio to share your landing page URLs and to remind people to click by adding a call to action in your posts.

Ask Questions

Asking questions of your followers is a great form of engagement. Doing so strengthens your customer relationships and makes your brand more likeable.

Engage With Other Brands

People enjoy watching competing brands engaging on Instagram. Simply comment, like and share stuff from your competitors to create more branded conversations.

Create A Unique “Brand Voice”

It is important that you develop a unique voice through your account. This is the way your brand speaks on Instagram and it will help you to differentiate your account from the rest.

Share Motivational Stuff

Instagram users love motivational content. A motivational quote, image or video about your brand will be enough to encourage users to share with their friends and followers.

Use All Available Tools

Instagram has a lot of amazing tools that will help you take your brand to the next level from its powerful image editing tools to its engaging video formats. You’ll have a lot of fun trying every feature.

Promote Your Instagram Account

You can add shortcuts to your Instagram profile as well as a feed to your Instagram content on your website to promote your Instagram account there as well as on other channels.

Share Relatable Content

You can show a more casual side of your company by sharing content that is relatable, such as pictures of pets, your staff’s favourite dishes, music and humor.

Try Alternative Engaging Techniques

You can create stories using elements such as polls, quizzes and questions to engage users in a different fun and relevant way that will keep them coming back for more.

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Author: Ankita Mundhra

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