The Need for a simple and good website design for a business has always been greater. As the globe has resumed after this COVID-19 pandemic, many things have got two-edges, so almost every small business or an individual is going digital.

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Now that more and more people are going digital, it becomes necessary for accessing better and faster websites daily. It is equally important to improve the User Experience; which can be achieved by a simple website design.

While website design one should always keep their target audience in mind so that it becomes easier to attract them. Research says that only 66% of people prefer to see something beautifully designed, plain and simple.

A simple website should have the following key features like:-

  • Simple Navigation
  • Built on the User perspective
  • Good Color Pattern
  • Error Handling with Proper Message
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Loading Time
  • Mobile Compatibility

Importance of Good and Simple Website:

1. First Impression

Everyone involved in building a website wants it to stand out from other websites and leave a favourable impression or a positive impact on their viewers.

The impression you make on your viewers can get them to remain on your page and learn about your business and which can be achieved by:

  • Layout and Structure
  • Proper Branding
  • Animation
  • Text and Content

2. Good User Experience

A good experience should create products that provide meaningful and relevant experience to the user and one that speaks to the user with words they understand and take actions on it.

Following are things to improve the user experience:-

  • Let Your Audience tell you what is important
  • Monitor your viewer’s comments
  • Survey your Audience

3. Use Of Proper Picture and Related Videos

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Therefore, it is recommended to use pictures instead of long paragraphs and more importantly images can cross language barriers. Images can be used to trigger all shots of emotions and memories.

Video continues to flourish in promoting and selling products or services. Whereas defining and describing a product or service is a common logic for using video.

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4. Providing Customization

It sets the impression for customer services and; if the website is bright, modern, and inviting, your audience will feel more welcome on your page.

Some common ways to let your user customize their own experience:

  • User can change Language according to their preference
  • Sorting the information based on user preference.
  • Should be allowed to choose user currency
  • Privacy so that users can exactly decide how much information I want to let everyone see.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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