Phones have become everyone’s life in the world these days, we always hold the phone in hand. All of us have become so accustomed to the phone that the phone before going to bed at night and the phone after waking up is always an empty phone, but do you know what happens when we wake up in the morning and catch the phone immediately and how harmful it is for us.


Today we will tell you what happens when you wake up in the morning and catch the phone.

A few days ago, a survey of 2000 people was conducted in the United States, which found that people who wake up in the morning and hold the phone have a stressful day due to which they have a lot of difficulty in doing their work.

According to experts, when we wake up in the morning and see the notification, our brain thinks about all those things, due to which we do not get attention to any other work and doing so also affects our working ability.

In the morning, the blood pressure also increases and the pressure increases further after seeing the unnecessary notification which is harmful to our health. It is better to start a new day on the new day, but when we wake up in the morning and watch the chatting and notifications of the old days, then our mind is no longer new, but in the present, it goes to the ghost time, due to which our day is not happy.

According to the expert, you should not wake up in the morning and look at the phone, do yoga or meditation in the morning, meditation or yoga will keep the mind calm so that you feel comfortable at work and you get better.

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