Friends, there are many types of prisons in the world. The worst prison in the world is called cellular prison or black water. What was going on in that jail, the hair stood up as soon as I heard about it. It is said that in the prison, the prisoners are punished in such a way that the body gets cold when they hear it. Describing the torture that was done to the prisoners will bring tears to your eyes. Even animals could not eat the food that was given to the prisoners.

Only the freedom fighters of the country endured such unspeakable atrocities to give us freedom. Located on the coast of Andaman and Nicobar capital of India, this prison is called hell on earth. There was no light there, no window, day or night, it was always dark inside the four walls of the prison. Hence it is called black water.

In 1857, when India started fighting for its independence for the first time, the British government was afraid that all the Indians would start a war against them. Therefore, the Irish government built this black water prison to create fear in the minds of the people so that no one would go against them.

cellular prison

This prison was built in the Andaman Islands so that no one could reach the converts. First, those who fought against the British government were kept in Viper Sweep Prison near the island. There, at one time, 50 prisoners were chained to the legs and engaged in work like breaking stones. Nehla was employed as a laborer for the construction of houses or hotels for the British government.

But the freedom fighters did not care. So the British Government knew that the prices were low in the minds of the people. Due to the increase in the number of Indian fighters, the Irish government built Blackwater Prison in 1896, which was completed in 1906. The prisoners who built this prison were kept by the Irish government in that prison.

cellular prison

Here he was dying because the prisoners defecated and became unclean. If they took too long at work, they were beaten to death. The prisoners were fed wild grass and broken rice, some of them died. Friends, please let us know what you think about this news through comments, thank you.

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