Hello friends, now a prisoner can have romance with his partner in prison. Whether this sounds rude to the ear or not, it is completely true. That is again in India. The Punjab government is the first state in the country to allow inmates to have romance with their partners in jail. Even these prisoners can move forward with their married life even if they are confined within the four walls of the prison. There are many terms and conditions for this.


According to the information, such rules have been implemented in the new jail in Gondibahi Sahi Nabhar and the new jail in Bhatindari. Prisoners will have two hours to romance their partner. Literally, the prisoners will get a chance to enjoy the civil life for two hours in two months. For this, the Jail Department has arranged a special room. A bathroom is attached to the room.

Prisoners who have been in jail for a long time will be given priority to take advantage of this scheme. The department hopes that this plan will improve the mental condition of the prisoner and take the prisoner in the right direction. A woman or a man must first show proof that he is married to the prisoner.

Then he will show a report that he is not infected with HIV or any other sexually transmitted infection. Along with this, the report of covid negative also has to be brought along with it. After this verification, a man or a woman will be allowed to visit his wife or husband in jail.

However, all hard code criminals, gangsters and prisoners arrested for crimes like sexual harassment cannot get this special facility. Such a system has already been implemented in countries like America, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, France and Denmark.

Now it has been implemented experimentally in Punjab as the first state of India. Friends, let us know your opinion about this news by commenting. Like our page to stay ahead with us, thanks.

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