In India, Ahila has been called the form of a goddess because of the great qualities of women that a man can never even think of. In today’s time, women have got the freedom for many things, but many years ago, women had to consider 100 times to talk. A woman can make the house heaven or hell, then her thoughts are according to the nature of the woman. A woman who keeps more inside and less talk outside known as tolerant skill in her life. Chanakya Niti …

However, according to the scriptures, many things have been said that human beings should not do. According to the scriptures, a person who does not respect the respect of a woman speaks bad language to her and raises his hand on her Mother Lakshmi never enters her house and there is always a financial loss in that house.

Chanakya Niti

However, it has also been said in the scriptures that in a house where the opinion of the woman is not right for some work, people consider it appropriate and give women a seat and respect like everyone else, there is never a shortage of wealth and even if there is nothing, there is peace of mind. Chanakya Niti …

Today we want to tell you that it is not even advisable to sleep with your feet towards the door, in the house where this happens, Mother Lakshmi never lives. However, according to the scriptures, the biggest jewelry of a woman is shy, so she will never ask you for love, you should give her love yourself.

A man who has an affair with his wife at night never has any disturbance in his life and that person is very dry in life. However, never keep your wife out of love in life because if Lakshmi is good at home, then your mind is engaged in outside work.

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