Imagine a day without Instagram, I bet it would be difficult. Probably, then you would be spending time on some other application. But it won’t be the same. Instagram has evolved into something way bigger than other social media platforms. It has chatting features like WhatsApp. Has video features like YouTube. It has filters like Snapchat and so much more.

Ever wondered why are you seeing the particular content on Instagram that it is been shown to you? Even though you are following 547 people on Instagram, you never miss out on specific user’s content. Whereas, that one brand account you have been following for ages their content barely reaches you even though you check Instagram regularly. Instagram has a set of algorithms that they use to build a feed for you that they think is appropriate:

#1 Predicting Your Behaviour

The people you most interact with, whose profile you visit often, who do you tag the most in your pictures, and more, are all your Instagram habits that are used to build algorithms. Based on who and what kind of content you like, Instagram fills your feed with similar content. For example, if you have previously viewed workout videos, it will show you more of those. The algorithm is based on the past behaviour of similar content and potentially uses machine vision to analyse the actual content of the post.


#2 Relationship With Followers

Instagram prioritizes content for you. It will show you content from your friends and family than an unknown account. It sees your interaction with users, for example, if you are often commenting under a person’s picture and also direct messaging them it will categories them as someone close to you. Therefore, when you follow someone new you often see their pictures in your feed, based on whether you like it or no, Instagram decides your closeness with the follower.

#3 Brand Suggestions

Depending on the previous search or links that you have clicked. Instagram keeps track of this data and provides you with advertisements for similar brands. Say, you clicked on a clothing brand’s link, it will show you ads of other clothing brands to choose from.

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Now that you know the Insta algorithm, you can manipulate it to get the type of content you want and not otherwise.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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