We all know to rank in Google, we have to optimize our page according to Google ranking factors. All these factors can be categorized into 2 types: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

On-Page And Off-Page Web Optimization ...

On-Page Optimization

All the change you can make on your website to optimize it.

Following is a list of those changes:

a) Optimized Titles and Descriptions
b) Proper URLs
c) User Friendly Website
d) Text Formatting
e) Size, Tag and Name of Images used
f) External Linking
g) Mobile Friendly
h) Optimized Internal Links
i) Unique Content
j) Page Layout of the Website

Off-Page Optimization

All the things you do off your website, to optimize it.

Following is a list of those things:

a) Link Building
b) Social Media Marketing
c) Social Bookmarking
d) Optimized for Various Devices

All of us know that keyword is the most mandate one while ranking and optimizing your website. Now you all might be wondering what is this keyword.

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A keyword is a key word, or phrase, used in your web content to make it easier for your customer to reach out to you, via a search engine. These word describe the contents of a Web page. They act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page and are a part of a Web page’s metadata. They help search engines match a page with an appropriate search query by a customer.

Now how do you decide what keywords to use? The answer to this is Keyword Research. Keywords that are suitable for the business you do or match the theme of the website.

For eg., if your website is related to Motor Bike you will check the number of time the keyword has popped up in searches. You will also check the number of times the keyword has been searched daily on the search engine.

The crawlers rank you based on how relevant, to the point and popular your keywords are. The crawlers hate overcrowding of keywords. So, if you Motor Bike again and again crawlers refuse to acknowledge your content.

Some elements that are equally important for your website are meta elements. Like the meta tags and the meta description. Meta Tag is a small piece of text which gives overall information of what the website is about. Without a meta tag, your website will never come on the first page of google because of its low ranking or even worse might go unnoticed. Meta Description is a small description of the website in about 150 characters, that a user sees below the link of the website while searching.

Up in the next article, I will write about Link Building and some Unethical SEO practices. STAY TUNED!

Author – Ankita Mundhra

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