Link Building

As I said earlier, link building is very important for you to have your social media presence and to be ranked on the 1st page by Google search engine.

Link Building Strategy

Agency needs more and more publishers to fulfil their goals. When a customer comes to an agency and requires a publisher, the agency will automatically recommend the publishers connected to it. Similarly, a publisher will also recommend the agencies which are connected to it, to their customers.

Link Building is nothing but creating a web like network amongst websites which are similar to yours in terms of the business, customer reach, type of products and services. This is majorly done to make the website popular and trustworthy, as mentioned earlier.

Before link building, you need to take permission of the website you want to mention. Link Building is a two-way process and is mutually beneficial for both the website. Link building drives customers to different websites which is a good thing, if done correctly.

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Linking can either be done internally, i.e. driving customers to your own social media pages, or even another blog from your own website. Or externally, i.e. to other trustworthy websites which would get you good customers.

Unethical SEO practices

Following are some unethical SEO practices:

Hidden or White Colored Text:Google cannot identify white colour. So, if you have white background and on that some white coloured text, Google tends to ignore it.

Colour and Font of External and Internal links:If the colour of internal and external link are the same as the text, then it becomes difficult for users to distinguish them.

Automated Queries: Similarly, if you enable automated queries, Google doesn’t like it. He is like, “Hey! I am the boss.”

Cloaking: When your website has indirect or not to the point content then Google ignores your website.

Keyword Stuffing: When you try to include a lot of keywords or over usage of keywords in your content, your content becomes under rated by Google.

Duplicated Content and Plagiarism: Nobody likes plagiarized content. If you use plagiarized content, Google avoids your website and doesn’t let it come up. I say, when you put so much money into making a website why use plagiarized content.

Exploiting Security:Exploiting users’ data and whenever they open your website virus is installed automatically on your system.

Creating False Doorways: Creating False Doorways is redirecting people to false or dummy websites from your website.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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