Twitter is the most innovative Social Media Platform of all. As you all know, short text up to 140 characters can be shared on Twitter along with videos, links, polls or more such things.

Twitter – The Unique Platform for Social Media Marketing

Twitter as we have observed has generally been a great platform for people to express themselves in the virtual world. There are approximately 400 million Tweets sent out each day from this platform. Crazy right?

Twitter is quick, easily accessible and has a large database of users. Today, Twitter has become a tool for everything from facilitating global causes to showing off your newly brought car. Everything is right just there.

Customers generally use this platform to share and search for content. For many it has replaced the traditional news media. It is the people’s platform and that is why its main power lies in connecting people irrespective of their backgrounds.

Let’s see some features of this platform. There are twitter chats for like-minded strangers. You can simple dive into a conversation based on common interest. Tools like Twellow allow a user to reach like-minded strangers. Then are Twitter ‘Discover’ section and ‘Categories’ section which lets a user search for topics for conversation that interests the user.

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Twitter also has a feature to save searches of popular hashtags so that the users can keep a track of the conversations going on under them in the future. But you must be wondering, why save hashtags? What exactly are these hashtags? You will be surprised to know that the use of hashtags is not exactly the official function of Twitter. Yes, when hashtags started being used it was a very natural process that worked because it then became simple to talk on various categories of topics rather than something very general.

Hashtag is nothing but a simple way to categorize a Tweet’s topic, which in turn makes it simpler for users to search for other people’s tweets regarding the same topic. Nowadays hashtags are immensely used for brands because they help build a connection in the users mind between a social media concept and a brand’s campaign.

This is why you see various innovative hashtags being introduced by brands on Twitter. These brands do this to increase their visibility on Twitter. Now when brands introduce hashtags they can either work positively or negatively. For eg., McDonald’s started a campaign called McDstories on Twitter some time back to promote its brand on Twitter. But this campaign back fired as people started sharing bad experiences they had with McD.

For marketers before using doing such campaigns, it’s important to know for what reason are their customers using the platform. Twitter marketing strategies work a bit different than other marketing sites. They work on re-posting, re-tweeting and hashtags. Once you create a business account, it starts following into place.

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Here’s how brands can use Twitter to market their products.

Jump in when needed. So Twitter let’s a brand insight about news relevant to its industry. All that the brand has to do is jump in a conversation in such a way that creates some valuable content.

Increasing brand awareness. Just like another platform, it helps brands increase its awareness by constantly talking to its followers and also attracting new followers.

Good customer service. This feature is very useful. Whenever anyone wants to know something about a brand or has any query, he can just mention the Twitter handle of the brand and write his query and it will be answered in the same way.

Build important connections. The most important function of Twitter is to help brands build connections. Brands generally follow other influencers or even start important discussions with them. Thus showing a strong social media presence.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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