Am I the only one who goes blank when we sit with our word document open just to type our thoughts down and suddenly we are all blank? Or does this happen to you too?

Content Writing
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At times I am full inspired to start writing a content and then suddenly I feel I don’t have a topic or I am at loss of words or I am just so confused on how I write it.  If this happens to you too, then here I am going to list down some powerful helpful points for you which will help you in your content writing journey.

Jot down your ideas or points:

Jot down all the ideas or points that you have on your notepad. Jotting down your thoughts always clears your mind and helps you focus on important things. Choose one idea or point from all of those and start elaborating it with your writing.

Try to create your text into a narrative:

If your text is narrative, then users engage in your post. The more they feel engaged, the more time they will spend on your page or post. If users do not engage on your post, they will easily swipe it away and maybe never return. Trying to get back lost visitors is much more difficult than getting new visitors to your post.

Get to point:

Make sure your narrative is crisp. It may be long but don’t beat around the bush. Put it straight to the point so your viewers know what you want to convey to them. Try putting visual content like images, graphs and fact which makes your content visually pleasing and genuine. According to reports, an infographic article is 30 times more likely to be read than a text article.

Think smart:

Use the right tone and length of the article. Pick up the right words to use in your content. Highlight words you want to give stress on. Use keywords at right places to boost your SEO.

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Author: Ankita Mundhra

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