Instagram marketing is quite simply using the features of Instagram to market your content, brand, products, services and business.

Instagram Marketing

Content creators, brands, marketers and businesses have learned how to use it to share stuff like pictures and videos.

Instagram Marketing is a combination of organic social media marketing strategies, visual discovery and built-in advertising features that are unique to the Instagram ecosystem.

How does it work?

Instagram Marketing works because it lets you showcase your products with images and because it helps you create brand awareness through photos and videos that you can use to tell stories, or to highlight the coolest parts of the lifestyle that you want customers to associate with your brand.

You can leverage Instagram’s scrollable gallery format to grab the attention of users with a powerful image or video that makes them to stop to check your post.

Instagram helps you in this step by letting you add copy, captions, calls to action and hashtags to your post.

This simple method is very effective to drive awareness. Engagement and action in basically any business-to-customer niche. It works because it helps the user to make an instant visual and emotional connection with what you are trying to sell.

Couple that with behind-the-scene videos to give your shop an air of coolness and soon you’ll be attracting new customers to your shop.

Other powerful features such as integration with Facebook app can help you take your business to next level because they let you promote via paid ads on Instagram, Facebook and many other apps.

Why should you consider Instagram Marketing for your business?

a) Instagram is BIG and active

b) 90% of users follow and interact with business accounts
c) Of those, at least 30% have purchased products that they have seen on Instagram!

d) Instagram helps you to showcase your products or services in a very casual way thanks to its unique creative tools and immersive formats

e) Instagram enhances the way you reach people with your message along with customer journey

f) Instagram allows you to create a profile that is visually appealing and where you can add a backlink to your business website, or any other landing page

g) It integrates with Facebook Advertising, which will help you to explode your reach and sales with ads that are cheap and high-converting

What’s the future for Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is working on amazing features for businesses like Facebook app integration for promotions and collaborations.

Another cool feature is running Shopping posts as ads, which are posts that feature products that people can purchase with a single click.

The future looks bright and profitable for Instagram marketers.

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Author: Ankita Mundhra

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