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Using Instagram as a platform to publish your content and grow your online presence will help you reach and engage an audience that you’ll hardly find somewhere else. But you can take your reach further by repurposing your Instagram content on other channels. This strategy is called cross promoting and it allows you to leverage your existing Instagram content to engage users on other social media platforms and to create back links to your Instagram account on those platforms.

In this article, we are going to show you the right way to repurpose Instagram content on top of social media channels on Facebook.

What you’ll do on Facebook and on the rest of platforms will show it simply to take content from one of your Instagram posts, which includes the image, copy and hashtags so you can use it on a post. With that in mind, go to your Facebook account and enter the business page where you’ll publish your post next.

Click on the right opposed field. What you do here is to simply enter the text from your caption on the Instagram post. Now, one thing worth noting is that character limits don’t work the same on other platforms as they do on Instagram. And while you compose long form captions for Facebook posts, the idea is to create teaser typos to encourage people to click on your Instagram link to check the original post there.

One trick that works great is to open this post with headline text. This is simply a title that you’ll use to catch the attention of the user.

Similarly, you can post on Twitter. Do let us know in the comment section if you need any help on posting on Facebook and Twitter.

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Author: Ankita Mundhra

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