Instagram is just about the perfect platform for brands and retailers to grow because it allows them to showcase their products and branded content in an entertaining, visually striking way.

Instagram Marketing tips

Instagram Marketing

Whether you’re running an Instagram account for business or you’re a brand trying your luck on the platform, there are a series of things you can do to get more results out of your Instagram marketing game.

Here are some useful Instagram marketing tips to help you make the most out of the platform:

1. Set Your Marketing Goals Straight

Before you go building your Instagram full force, it is important that you define your marketing objectives.

A marketing objective is what you want to achieve by promoting your business on Instagram. Your marketing objectives can vary according to the stage you’re at in your business life cycle, but it is key that you start with the basics.

This includes creating by firstly brand awareness among Instagram users. Secondly, generating engagement to build a targeted audience. Then promoting your products and services to start moving potential customers down your sales funnel.

Now, in case you have already built a presence and audience elsewhere and you’d like to use Instagram to achieve a very specific objective, you have to start by answering the following questions:

i.) Are you going to use Instagram to build brand awareness specifically among Instagram users that you can’t reach on other platforms?

ii.) Are you going to user Instagram because it offers you a better way to showcase your products?

iii.) Are you going to use Instagram as a customer service channel?

iv.) Do you plan to use Instagram as a sales channel?

Answering those questions will give you a clearer idea of your Instagram marketing objectives.

2. Reverse-Engineer Your Competitors

One shortcut that you can take to become more successful on any platform is to reverse engineer what successful competitors in your niche are doing.

So instead of trying your luck with original content or improvisation, we recommend you to emulate the type of content that your top competitors share. You just have to give it your own spin. Use your brand voice and your brand aesthetics.

You will see that by reverse-engineering content from successful accounts, you will be able to generate results fasters and your account will grow in no time.

3. Audit Your Instagram Account

A best practice among successful Instagram marketers is to audit their Instagram accounts regularly. Auditing your Instagram account means to take a good look at everything in your Instagram account and examine what’s helping you to build the type of account that you want your audience to follow so he can keep and optimize those elements and eliminate the ones that don’t help.

Things that you have to audit include:

i.) Your profile picture
ii.) The copy in your bio
iii.) Your URLs
iv.) Your Hashtags
v.) Your Posts
vi.) The accounts that you follow

4. Create A Consistent Brand Identity

We have mentioned that it is important to keep a consistent brand aesthetic and this is what that means. A consistent brand aesthetic is the consistency of colors, shapes, fonts, filters and other elements across your account and content.

This will help you build a consistent brand identity that helps people recognize stuff posted by your brand on first glance.

This tips will give you an advantage that you wouldn’t have otherwise and we encourage you to start applying them today.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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