If there’s one thing that you are more than aware of is that content is at the heart of any Instagram marketing strategy. With so many possibilities and a large variety of powerful editing tools to pimp up your images and videos, it can be difficult to determine what’s the type of content that customers like. That is why in this article, we will brief you the elements that make the type of Instagram content that customers love.

Instagram Content

Stylish, Striking Pictures

Instagram became wildly popular thanks to people using it to share striking, eye-popping images and pictures.

And that is exactly the type of image that will help you to differentiate your content from the rest: images that include some kind of highlight element or distinctive feature.

This can be anything that catches the eye, such as a beautiful nature occurrence like sunsets, dawn, snow, bright lights, and water effects, beautiful architectural compositions and special effects such as unique color schemes and combinations.

Those elements, when combined with your products and great angles, will help you give your content that unique and polished that customers love.

The good news is that you won’t need expensive equipment or a big travel budget to produce striking pictures. You will just need a good smartphone with a quality camera, a tripod and a basic lighting equipment.

You can use Instagram’s built-in editing tools and filters to enhance your pictures and you can use royalty free resources to find exotic backgrounds for your featured product images.

Media Featuring People

A lot of people see Instagram as a reflection of the lifestyles and things that they’d like to have. They use Instagram to see pictures and videos of people using the products that they’d like to own, of people wearing clothes that they’d like to wear and of people visiting places that they’d like to visit someday.

This means that, by producing images or videos of people using your products or services, or of people visiting your business, you can increase purchasing intent and drive more sales.

This strategy not only helps you to put your products and services in a real world context, it also helps to humanize your brand and makes it more relatable.

Bit-Sized Videos

Videos are increasingly becoming the most popular media format among social media users.

That’s no secret, but what’s really surprising is the type of video that can help you sell the most on the platform.

On Instagram, the best type of videos to drive sales are bit-sized, very short videos featuring your product front and center. Videos captured with a smartphone camera are especially effective because they give your content a casual vibe that customers love and that encourages them to buy on a whim.

Loops and Time lapse Videos

Videos loops and time lapses are insanely popular on Instagram and lots of brands use those formats to give a different spin to their marketing campaigns.

For instance, you can create video loops where you can perform an action with your products, or a time lapse video where you show your service in action until you show the results that you promise.

Because these types of videos are so cool and entertaining, people share them like crazy which can help you to reach much more customers.

Image Macros

Image macros are those super popular images with witty captions that people share like crazy everywhere. While they won’t necessarily help you to move sales, they can help you to capture the attention of customers on your knees.

The trick is to combine image macros with your brand or with the stuff that you sell.

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You simply have to come up with smart comments about your products and to share them as image macros on Instagram. Potential customers will stumble upon them. They will share them and they will follow your account to see more of your brand of macros in your timeline.

You can also create more elaborate image macros if you can come up with tips, jokes or inspiration quotes.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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