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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can be one of the most valuable forms of targeted marketing when done properly. It’s extremely crucial to find accounts in your niche not with a large following, but with high engagement on their posts. This way we know their followers are active and dedicated.

Important shoutout styles

We have discovered that story shoutouts perform extremely well when for a fraction of a feed shoutout cost. Creating a simple ad is very easy with apps like Adobe Spark Post it simply using the Instagram story text with a high quality photo. We want a post that is easy to read and eye catching with a call to action. Depending on your goal, either a “swipe-up” call to action or your profile tag.

How to reach out to Influencers

Reaching out to potential influencers you’d like to collaborate with is much more accessible than you think. Simply DM’ing power pages in your niche with “Hi! What are you shout-out rates?” With often prompt a response with pricing and details. You can reach out to Influencers with a lot of followers or in the lower thousands of followers. Pricing will be different for each of them.

Getting the best deal for your shoutout

Negotiation is key. By bundling a feed shoutout with a story shoutout you’ll be likely to negotiate a lower price. You can also negotiate flat pricing for any type of shoutout. Base your price on their engagement level. (Not the amount of followers) DM multiple users for different options and compare pricing.

Getting eyes on your Ad

We recommend asking the influencer to post a story poll prior to your story post. What this does it prompt the users to be engaging with the story, then immediately seeing your ad, increasing the chances of conversion. This option could cost more because you’re having the influencer post multiple things but it is very worth it to drive more visits to your page.

Results & key points of a shoutout

Once the shoutout has been posted, you will be able to see the results and analyze them for the future. If you are seeing an ROI from a shoutout post, then scale the same ad with larger influencers in the same niche to see a higher return. Our shoutout generated a ton of views and profile visits and this was from a 30k account that didn’t have a targeted audience. 4. If your influencer is in the same niche as you, this will boost your page visits way up!

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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