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The power of a Giveaway

Giveaways are an incredible way to drive hundreds to thousands of users to your page. By having requirements to enter, you can instruct users to follow you, share the giveaway with friends and like the post. This nets your tons of new followers in a short amount of time. Hence, one of the fastest forms of Growth on Instagram.

What to Giveaway

Don’t think too hard, everyone loves winning something for free! If you have your own product, perfect. If not, giveaway something in your niche valued at $20-50. Many giveaway accounts beef up their post with a few small items as well like gift cards, t shirts, water bottles, etc. This adds more value to the giveaway and will draw in more eyes. Make sure all items are relevant to your niche.

Creating a picture for your Giveaway

This is very important. There is a known style to giveaway posts. You want to take an aerial shot of the contents you’re giving away on a blank background. This way people know exactly what you’re giving away and their mind immediately knows they’re looking at a giveaway. Make your picture has a colorful background. Good quality is key to driving tons of visits. The picture needs to fit into the Instagram square. This will be the preview before people click on the picture. When they’re scrolling past the photo, we want them to be able to see the whole thing.

Captioning your Giveaway correctly

Make it clear this is a giveaway. Clarify in bullet point steps what users must do to enter. “GIVEAWAY! • Must be following this account 😁 • Tag 3 friends in the comments ❤ • Like this post 👍”. Use emojis to draw attention. List what you want them to do very clearly. Having them share or tag other users is the key to spreading this giveaway around.

Choosing your Giveaway Winner

You want to choose a winner fairly. Use a website that auto generates a winner from the comments, otherwise have someone film you picking a winner blindfolded. Post to your story announcing the winner so everyone knows the giveaway was real. Edit the caption of the original giveaway post and place the winner’s Username so nobody is mistaken who has won.

Keeping your followers after the Giveaway

After you’ve conducted a giveaway and announced a winner, a large portion of followers will likely unfollow you since they no longer have an incentive. To avoid this post on your story “Next giveaway coming soon, stay tuned for details!” You can then coordinate your next giveaway and meanwhile be able to market to this new audience you’ve gained. Give them a reason to stay because they may win the next giveaway. This also means you need to do more giveaways in the future. It helps to Growth on Instagram…..

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