Everyone knows Instagram has boomed so much that brands can’t lose opportunity of Instagram Marketing. Instagram Marketing can not only create an awareness about your brand but also help you generate sales. Everyone knows we need followers and engagement on Instagram to create your base. People turn to third party apps and bots to increase engagement. But does it actually help? Nor does it give you sales but your account might be banned forever!

So you might be thinking if I don’t use bots how do I actually get so many Instagram Followers organically. It’s impossible! But I got to tell you nothing is impossible my friends! Instagram Marketing!

Below I will go through some really good tricks which can help you for growing your Instagram Followers organically!

Where to find your followers

We want followers but we want to make sure these followers are targeted. We want them to matter to your brand. Stick to organic growth through engagement with your targeted audience.

Engaging with the competition

Engage with users that are following big accounts in your niche. This way you know they are engaging with similar content to yours. Scroll through the most recent photo. See who has liked or commented on the photo. This way we know they are an active engaging user. The more recent the photo, the better. We want to engage with users who are online right now or recently online to draw engagement back from them quickly.

Leaving genuine engagement

When commenting on someone’s page, be genuine with what you say. This goes further than just an emoji or a “cool photo”. We want to draw engagement back, so leaving a real comment that seems to be genuine will most likely get a comment back on your photos. Like a few of their photos. Older photos will be more noticeable. When liking an older photo, they get a notification that looks different from their more recent notifications, which are of others liking their most recent photo.

Finding users in your area

You can engage with users in your area by looking up your location on the explore page. Type in your location or smaller locations in your area and engage with the photos that are listed. Only engage with the most recent photos, rather than the most popular posts. We want to stand out to these users. Leave a genuine comment on their photo. Like a few of their pictures and repeat this process on a few other accounts.

Finding users through their hashtags

You can engage with users that use certain hashtags in your niche. This way we know they are interested in your market. Example: If you’re a yoga instructor and you find someone with the keyword #yogalife then you know they are someone in your niche. These users are less targeted than your location but you can do both if you search hashtags that are applicable to your location. Example: #MumbaiYoga, then you know they are into yoga and in a certain location We want to engage with these users because these are the users that will follow you based on a personal connection.

Automation Effects on organic growth

Automation, although a faster form of growth, has negative effects on your account and organic growth. Some accounts find success through this but others can be badly affected by Instagram boundaries and guidelines. Automation is only a short term form of growth. Automation of Instagram growth will not last and will eventually go away. It can affect the long term stability of Instagram accounts.

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Author: Ankita Mundhra

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