Here are some points on how you can capitalize your Instagram Analytics –

capitalize your Instagram Analytics

What is Audience Reach

Reach tells you how many people were able to view your post. Reach is not how many people visited your post or even viewed it but how many people were able to come across your post. They may have scrolled past it but they were able to see it which is your reach.

We Care About The “Share”

We want to focus on the shares each of your posts have received. Shares tell us that users have shared our post with other users. This has expanded our reach to users that might not even follow us. We want people to continue sharing our content so we want to mimic that style of content. Our goal is to get more shares on every one of your posts. Pay attention to the style that was shared the most and continue sharing that style of content.

Follow What Drives “Follows”

We want to focus on the Follows that each of your posts have received. Follows indicate that someone followed you based on what you posted about. We want organic follows from users that like our content so mimic that style. Continue to check which posts are driving in more follows and mimic until you have a system.

Posting During The Times That Matter

Check what times your audience is on Instagram the most and post at those times. Do the same with the day they are on Instagram the most. When you get a lot of likes in a short amount of time, your reach becomes greater. We want to post when your picture will get a lot of likes and comments quickly. By doing this, your post may get shifted to the explore page and get even more reach.

The Importance Of Location

Check out the location that is bringing you the most engagement. Use that location in your tags. Tag the sub cities of that location. Use this location knowledge to adjust your posts in a way that apply to your audience and drive in more likes and comments. Use this to see which locations are not of value to you and steer away from them.

Story Analytics To Ensure Active Followers

Check out which stories are driving in engagement from your followers. Mimic the stories that have brought in the most interaction. Check out which stories brought you the most sticker taps. Pay attention to the time and day it was posted and mimic the action. See what kind of picture did best and copy it.

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