Optimize Your Instagram Account

#Choose a username that is memorable

Choose a name which is similar to an already popular name in that niche. So your name pops us when those brands are searched.

#Using your name to drive traffic

Change your name to anything describing your page. Add keywords into your name to drive traffic.

#Creating the best possible bio

Keep your bio short and simple. Because it then makes it more attractive.

#A profile picture that will resonate with your niche

Make it easy to look at and not jumbled background. Preferably use your logo. The brighter colors the better. This will stand out in comments and notifications. Adjust your photo sizing to match the circle icon.

#You need a “Call To Action”

Place the “Call To Action” at the bottom of your bio. Tell your audience what the link is you want them to follow. Listing this will make your audience trust your link.

#Adding more than one link to your bio

If you want to link your website, you can make it easier to drive users to your products by linking the pages of your website. This will drive traffic and make it an easier user experience.

#Story highlights will make your page professional

Add story highlights to your page. When visiting a page, this is the first thing you see after the bio and it will catch the viewer’s eye, so make them good!

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