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Performance marketing is very important in today’s digital marketing as many social media platforms like Facebook are also opting for it. Now in print media there was a lot of spill over in terms of audience. So platforms started realizing that they could control this spill over in digital marketing and also lot of scope for performance in digital marketing.

Now when I say Performance Marketing, I talk about purely generation campaign which talk about purely generation campaign which bring about immediate results in terms of performance. It’s not about branding and reach only.

For eg., DSP BlackRock of the Mutual Fund investment company come up with an SIP of young adults between the age group of 25-35 where they are encouraging young adults to make small amounts of investment every month so that they don’t have to worry about tax saving towards the end of their financial quarter i.e. Jan, Feb, Mar. So their advertising starts around April up to December.

They start advertising on various platforms and their main objective is to get leads by first targeting the right kind of audience i.e. youngsters who just got a job or on the earning bit etc. They ask them to fill lead form with an incentive and DSP will provide them with free financial support which is usually paid for. So if their CPL is Rs. 100, it is because of the verification criteria. As the requirements increase like OTP verification, phone call verification, the CPL increases.

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The more amount of quality audiences DSP would want, the more number if inventories they will have to buy. Leads cannot be bought, only impressions can be bought. So that is why DSPwould try and convert them into leads by making them fill the forms in the way it wants by paying more money to maintain the quality of leads. And this is what Performance Marketing is all about.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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