Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

After planning the entire campaign, deciding on various numbers, goals and things like that, everything boils done to just one thing – whether your campaign brought the desired results or not. This is where Measuring Campaign Effectiveness comes into picture.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness is extremely essential and you need to set certain KPIs for the same. What all will you check to measure the effectiveness of your campaign?

You will check these things –

1. Traffic Generated
2. Kind of visitors coming to your website.
3. Visitors who are coming back to your website after coming on it once.
4. Where they are coming from? From which channels and sources?
5. The click through rate or CTR.
6. Conversion Rates –how many leads are getting converted into customers?
7. Cost Per Lead – how many users are getting converted to leads?
8. Social Media Metrics like number of likes, shares, subscriptions, retweets, mentions, comments, followers, etc.
9. ROI or the return on investment.

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Eventually, after seeing all this metrics what it all boils to is the objective of your campaign. Metrics of the campaign effectiveness vary depending on the objective of your campaign. If the objective of your campaign is audience reach you will not only measure your campaign effectiveness in terms of audience reach i.e. impressions but also check how many people took an effort to come to your website and read the content. Because even though the objective meets engagement is a good sign because your campaign is successful and you have communicated with the right audience.

If it is a display campaign then effectiveness is measured by the percentage of audience watching videos. For Click Through Rate, the industry benchmark is 1%. For Engagement Rate, the industry standard is 5%. So if you’re doing at a 8 or 10%, then you are doing really good. VTR for ad with “skip” option is 15% and for without the “skip” option ads is 85% according to the industry benchmark. So now based on the benchmark you can decide how your campaign is going and you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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