Every online marketing campaign is designed based on some goals. A lot of planning and analysis goes behind organizing and designing a campaign. So what exactly are these goals? How do advertisers define campaign goals?

When you decide to do anything in life, the first question you answer to yourself is why you doing this! This is nothing but looking for an objective to do what you want to do. Setting goals for the campaign is somewhat similar. To organize a Marketing Campaign, one needs to check out all the objectives which go behind organizing it. These objectives are nothing but goals of a campaign.

Goals are decided and derived from the media brief presented by the client to the agency. As you know the media brief covers all important points about the client’s requirements and this is how objectives are defined by an agency based on the client’s preferences and needs.

A goal of a campaign can simply be defined as the final outcome one desires from it, as demanded by a client. These objectives can vary depending on what the client wants whether its lead generation, brand awareness, video views or social engagement. Goals and KPIs are set accordingly.

But how are these goals defined? If it’s Performance Campaign, then goal would be to get Maximum Leads. If it’s Brand Awareness, then goal would be to know the total number of impressions. If audience engagement is the goal, then firstly you would use social media platform and you will look at the engagements you have got on these platforms in terms of likes, comments and shares, subscriptions, followers, etc. not through paid promotion but organically as well.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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