The world we believe we are perceiving through our senses and that we believe to be real is actually a simulation that is running in our brain. The people in this simulation and our understanding of how we relate to them is also manufactured by our brains.

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That we don’t really know. I mean that about everything. It’s drilled into our heads that we have to speak with certainty and confidence about things, especially if we are “expert” in these things, but the truth is that we don’t know.

1. We Don’t Really Know What Makes Us Happy

Everyone has a long list of things they would like; material wealth, the right job etc. But, when we attain our desire, the happiness is fleeting and is inevitably merely replaced by another desire. For good reason, George Bernard Shaw quipped:

“There are two tragedies in life, one is to get our heart’s desire. “

2. We are Drawn to the Negative

Our mind is instinctively drawn to negative viewpoints. We remember our mistakes, but forget our good deeds; we pick up on the faults of others, but remain blind to their good qualities.

If we read a newspaper the world seems an endless stream of problems and injustice. However, this is only one perspective on life; we spend too long in a negative frame of mind and fail to see the bigger picture.

3. Stress is Often of Our Own Making

In modern life it is very easy to feel excessively busy. We can easily create things to do, leading to stressful situations. Yet, many of these self appointed tasks are not as indispensable as our ego might like to admit. Hard Truths About Life!

4. Nobody is unique

No matter how ahead of the curve you think yourself to be, there will be thousands like you walking the same curve. There are times when you might feel that you are the only one who reads those kinds of books, or who enjoys those types of movies. You will think that you are the only one who has those odd fetishes or you are the only one awake at that particular hour of the night.

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But truth is, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands who are exactly like you. Who think exactly the same things. Who keep telling themselves that they are unique. It is just a matter of your social circle. Expand it, and soon you will realize you are at best, mediocre. Hard Truths About Life!

5. We are only as good as the world allows us to be.

The real face of a man is revealed at his most animalistic. You can never judge a friend by whether or not he shares the last chips in the packet with you. The real test is when you are both starving, and you encounter a morsel enough for only one of you. Actually, you can see this quote applied in nearly all aspects of our lives.

6. Thinking outside the box only works if you know everything inside it.

Most of us are so busy finding out alternate solutions to a problem that most of the times we forget what exactly was required of the solution. Sometimes, simplicity is the key. People nowadays, are so concerned with out of the box ideas and concepts that they diverge their focus from the very basics.

7. That there’s no such thing as a meritocracy

Highly successful people tend to think that they have earned their “success” (and notice that their definition of success is taylored to the particular kind of success they have had: thus, successful academics will naturally define success in terms of “significantly contributing to the body of knowledge” while successful CEOs/entrepreneurs might define success simply as the acquisition of wealth), and that unsuccessful people are mostly guilty of their own lack of success (they didn’t “have what it takes” or “work hard enough”). Hard Truths About Life!

8. Being rich does not necessary mean you’ll be happy

Many people often think that they’ll be happy once the struck the gold mine. They can then buy whatever to their hearts desire and enjoy the “good life”.

Although that may be true to a certain extent, but how much of that happiness will last before one starts wanting even more to get the same feeling again?

9. Neither the success, nor the failure is permanent.

It doesn’t mean that you gotta stop working or making something productive so that you can hang up till your right time.

Rather, you work every time, contemplate on the things and move on. You’d then be even more confident! Hard Truths About Life!

10. People are going to talk , whatever you do.

They suddenly realize their right to speak .

Remember the story where a man , his son , and his donkey , were going . First they both were walking along with the donkey . People said “what fools , they have a donkey and still walking along with him . “

Second they both sit on the donkey .
People said , ” what fools, both are heavy fellows sitting over the poor animal “.

Next the son sits and dad walks aside.
People still speak ,” look at the son, no respect towards his father “.
Later his dad sits on the donkey .

And people still can’t shut up can they ,” look at him his son is so small and he still makes him walk . What an ungenerous dad .”

Well later they just decide to go like they were before beside the donkey sitting on him turn by turn .

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