undeniable facts about life

At age three, you start speaking. Now the rest of your life, you would never keep quiet. No matter how hard you try, there won’t be silence in your life. Don’t expect internal silence.

At age five, the carefree sleep you’re having, you won’t have that kind of sleep ever again in your life. Because next year you’re going to school, and the race will start.

At age seven, the beautiful doll you have, that doll who’s your baby, that doll that you’ve dressed up thousands of times for her groom, that doll you love immensely, is going straight to store room, only to be found by you ten years down the lane. Today’s valuable (perhaps) will be tomorrow’s memory. Undeniable facts about life …….

At age twelve, when the first stroke of attraction for someone else strikes your heart, cherish it. It’s the most innocent form of love you’ll ever find in your life. Away from greed, away from lust, away from dishonesty. The law of attraction strikes hard.

At age fifteen, you reach your X standard, to give your boards. Well it is the first milestone of your life that matters in academic life. Tenth boards matter guys, especially for college admissions. Anyone who says tenth doesn’t matter is lying. It’s an undeniable fact. Every college sees your mark-sheet. After a certain age, you cross your childhood, and step up in the game in education. Undeniable facts about life …….

t age eighteen, you have your first heartbreak. Now you enter the world of “profitable love”. You know, “you give me something and then I’ll give you something” kind of love. After innocence, all relationships work on some conditions. Undeniable fact of life. There is nothing like unconditional love. The give and take policy is undeniable. No one accepts you happily when you do nothing at all. Not even your parents. Heartbreaks are inevitable.

At age twenty one, you realize school was better than college, and school friends were best friends in the real sense. You can’t deny “old is gold”.

At age twenty three, you meet the love of your life. The person who soothes you, calms you, and completes you. When at eighteen you thought you won’t love again, at twenty three you’re once again in it. Love changes you for the better, and it gives you a home. Love can happen twice. So can life. Give them a chance.

At twenty five, someone else proposes to you. You say, “No”. Because saying No is important, cheating is bad and you cannot make everyone happy.

At twenty eight, you get married. And after the honeymoon, you realize the reality of life after marriage with factors such as, the responsibilities, fights, finances, and the balance between all other relations and your spouse. Marriage is a two way process and hell difficult one at that.Adjustments are the truth of life. Undeniable facts about life …….

At thirty three you get promoted. You absolutely hate your job. If you had it your way, you will leave your job, your home, your city and go on a world tour with your savings.

However, you show yourself to be extremely happy by the hike and position. Understanding the value of constant inflow of money monthly is important, and it’s an undeniable fact. Money pay bills, dreams don’t.

At thirty five, you hold your baby. Holding your own baby for the first time is the most beautiful moment of one’s life, andyour whole life is changed. What could be more beautiful, more important than your newborn baby? Parenting is a tiring yet beautiful process.

At forty, you realize bro/girl code is something that only works in your twenties, when you’re young and carefree. At forty when you have a full time job, you’re the full time spouse, full time parent, full time child to your ailing parents, your siblings/friends go at the backseat of your life. You hardly talk to them sometimes a year and meet them once. Friends leave, family is permanent.

At forty five, when you see the lifeless body of your parents, your heart cries. They would never scold you now. You feel homeless and vulnerable. You wish you had spent more time with them. We’re our parents liabilities, but parents are our biggest assets in all ways.

At fifty, you feel the first knock of coming old age. A little high bp and diabetes, a paining leg, menopause, greying hair, wrinkles on hands and eyes and drop in the energy level, you finally begin to realize you’re at the start of the crucial old age. Age is unavoidable. Undeniable facts about life …….

At fifty five, your child has grown up and their sole motive in life is to disappoint you in every way. You disapprove everything from their fashion sense to music sense, their thoughts to their lifestyle, their career to their dating life, from their marks to their income. Children grow their own wings, and you cannot control their flight. Else they would fly away and not return back to you.

At sixty, you retire. You get respect and lots of farewell gifts from your office. You look back at those thirty five years of your career and smirk. Great career and work satisfaction are different.

At sixty five, your children will finally leave you and move on with their new lives with new jobs, new homes and new cities. Then the dreaded realization will dawn on you. You’re now alone. Everybody will leave you eventually. Even your blood relations, and you need to learn to be happy alone.

At seventy, you can either be a happy old or a sad old. Either you can start a new life, or can wait for death everyday. Life is all about your choices. Life is what you make of it.

At seventy five, your health declines. You realize all the bad stuff you did with your body. Junk, Alcohol, Cigarettes, drugs. You finally realize that health is wealth.

At eighty, you have property and money worth crores, still you feel alone and unhappy and unsatisfied. You realize that money was after all not the final answer.

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At eighty five, when you’re deadly ill, only your spouse will be with you. When your siblings left, your spouse was with you. When your friends left, your spouse was with you. When your parents left, your spouse was with you. When your career left, your spouse was with you. When your children left, your spouse was with you. When your health left, you spouse was with you. And when your life will leave, your spouse will still be with you till your final breath. In 90% marriages which do not result in divorce, spouse is the only person who sticks around most of one’s life when everyone else leaves, yet “life partner” is the only relationship that’s given the least priority and mostly taken for granted.

At ninety, when you finally leave, you’ll look back at your life and you’ll only wish for one more chance to get it right. Humans are greedy.

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