The hardest truth of life

1# Every new day is one day closer to your death, it might even be today.

2# You can live a healthy, clean life and still get cancer.

3# Having a 9 to 5 job can suck the life out of you, quit that job to go off on your own, can lead to success but also to poverty and disgrace. You can dedicate yourself to your 9–5 and still lose it.

4# Hard work does pay off, persistence does breed success, yet the moment you achieve your goals in life, you may find yourself without a purpose.

5# Each decision and pursuit comes at a cost, you can be rich but fat, ripped but poor, young but foolish, wise but old.

6# Success often means the downfall of others, a social media company becomes successful by you being addicted, one boxer becomes successful by knocking another boxer out. One successful search engine means others must fail.

7# One accident happening in a few seconds can mean a lifetime as a cripple, a car crash takes a man’s leg, a gas explosion means disfigurement through burns.

8# Suicide is tragic, but surviving suicide might be even more tragic, sometimes it means brain damage, making life a whole lot worse.

9# There is this horrible thing called “Locked in syndrome”, where you have a stroke and your body is paralyzed. You are fully conscious but your body becomes a prison.

10# We have no control over who we are born as, gender, race, country, parents or family. This can turn well or turn out badly, there is no limit to how good or how bad this can be.

11# People will always justify their actions no matter what, sometimes those people are the ones in power.

12# Better to enjoy your life, no matter what because it can always be worse.

13# The quality of your life is based on the quality of your thoughts, and your thoughts might be so messed up that you think your thoughts have nothing to do with it.

14# It is easy to become addicted to drugs, it is very hard to get off drugs, for some this is even impossible.

15# Life is hard if you are born in a poor country, it is not your fault but you will still suffer for it.

16# Even though you have no control over the race you are born as, you will still face persecution depending on that race.

17# You maybe good looking, average looking or just plain ugly, none if this is your doing a dice rolls and you get what you get.

18# Technology advances ever more, requiring ever greater intelligence to do well; wisdom is essential. Perhaps you lack sense, perhaps it is your fault, but perhaps you didn’t learn the power of discernment.

19# A drunken drive home from a party in your teens, when you were still young and foolish could mean a life in prison. Other drive home drunk all the time and never end up in an accident, get to look back on how stupid they’ve been. As for you a life behind bars is a lesson.

20# Money is important, people love you, if you become poor even your family will not care for you.

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