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Negative Patterns – Spot, Stop and Swap!

Negative thinking patterns are thoughts that come to our mind when we are faced with some problems. They are not always present with us. They come to us in times of stress and depression and usually lead to self-doubt. Every time you notice yourself say something negative to yourself, spot it first. Start spotting that […]

Smile Power: Your Secret To Success

Smiles have a powerful effect on all of us. The human brain prefers happy faces, recognizing them more quickly than those with negative expressions. Smiles are such an important part of communication that we spot a smile at 300 feet – the length of a football field. Smiles can also be your secret to success. […]

Be creative!

Being creative always gets you to express yourself better. You see the world in a different way and by being creative the world looks at you in a different way too! An interview panel was looking for a dynamic and go-getter candidate for the sales department. One of the candidates who had applied for the […]


Has it ever happened with you that you want to focus and concentrate on something so badly but you are not able to do it? Ever happened you have deadlines nearby and you want to finish the work in time or before time but you are not able to focus? Obviously yes!!! We all face […]

Variety is the spice of life

Three generations of a family sit alongside each other in the living room. Grandpa is merrily sipping away piping hot tea, resting in his rocking chair while humming along his favourite classic tunes playing on the radio. Father was busy having his daily dose of caffeine, hidden away behind the unfolded newspaper skimming through the […]