Many have said it but nobody really cares about you but your parents. When you lose them you realize this more than ever. Hardest truth of life……..

hardest truth of life

Everybody wears a mask

Money is extremely important and it solves a lot of the problems and can in fact make you happier and confident in life. Money does buy happiness it’s just how you spend it determines whether or not you will be happy. Material possessions are not necessarily a key to that happiness but money gives you freedom.

People in general are selfish and manipulative for many reasons. It doesn’t have to be for financial reasons alone. Everybody wears a mask, hardest truth of life.

Religion, god, universe and manifestations, destiny, soul mates, twin flames, laws of attraction and all the new age nonsense is a product of imagination, movies and a coping mechanism. Also there is no such thing as karma. Another copying mechanism. None of that stuff exists. You are born, you live, you die. There are ok people, there are terrible people and that’s all there is to it. What happens in between is what YOU make out of it and it won’t be just given to you by some magical force nor will those who hurt you somehow get what they “deserve”.

Everybody tries to manipulate

Love doesn’t really exist aside from those who gave you life because you are physically a part of them and even then it is not guaranteed. “Love” is a chemical reaction that lasts for a brief period of time and it is more infatuation and lust rather then some higher emotion. Sex is the primary reason for these chemicals to be released and why when sex fades so does this “love”, Hardest truth of life.

People will lie to you, manipulate you, all under the pretense of love whether they do it knowingly or not in order to gain something for themselves be it financial or emotional but it is certainly not about you.

Social media didn’t change society for the worse, it has just revealed human nature a lot more clearly. When you are behind a screen and not talking to someone in person, people show their true colors.

Women actually cheat even more than men, they just hide it better. They also justify it better to themselves.

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An attractive and beautiful woman will almost always have multiple men to choose from so never live in the illusion that you are the only one. It is just not realistic from a biological standpoint.

Never chase after a woman. It only works in movies. When your intuition is telling you something believe it because it is most likely 100 times worse than what you thought. You will never find happiness in another person.

Nothing lasts forever.

Being attractive and desirable is one of the most important things in life despite what people say. Humans are pretty superficial. Being handsome and physically attractive makes ones life a lot easier. From relationships in romantic sense and sex, to self confidence to career. People will always attribute more positive characteristics and excuse certain behaviors to an attractive person no matter what they are really like as an individual.

Life in general is ruthless. It is a collage of misery, disappointments, betrayal, unfairness, judgment, jealousy, failures with only rare moments of happiness thrown in between for short periods of time. So the only one you have, you can trust, you can rely on and should love unconditionally is yourself. Nobody else gives a shit. Travel as much as you can, experience everything that makes you happy, learn and do what makes you passionate and enjoy that.

Very few people are actually glad to see you happy. A lot of times they will be jealous but will hide it. If you are doing better than them most of the time it makes them feel worse about themselves. With some people it might trigger motivation to improve but for most that’s not the case. You can see this clearly with the rise of depression thanks to social media and people looking at others being happy or successful, Hardest truth of life.

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