Negative thinking patterns are thoughts that come to our mind when we are faced with some problems. They are not always present with us. They come to us in times of stress and depression and usually lead to self-doubt.

Every time you notice yourself say something negative to yourself, spot it first. Start spotting that negative pattern, because that’s all it is, it’s a pattern.

We don’t realise how much the words we say to ourselves have an impact. When you say something to yourself like, “I’m starving.” Right? When you say that, guess what?

Your body gets triggered into feeling like it’s starving. Mind and body are connected always. The reason for this example is because it suits the most and we relate to it. But did you actually mean it? Maybe no. Actually you meant that I’ve been lazy.

I haven’t planned my meals, I haven’t eaten for two, three hours, and you’re saying, “I’m starving.” Starving is the person who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. You’re just hungry and disorganized.

So, when we say to ourselves, “I’m exhausted” rather than saying, “I’m going to make time for a nap today”, or, “I’m going to sleep earlier today.” You’re saying the same thing, but what you’re saying is changing it, so spot, first spot those negative patterns.

One of the things I think a lot of people say to themselves is, “I’m not good enough, I’m ugly, I’m not beautiful, she’s beautiful, he’s really good-looking, he’s got a great body, she’s whatever.”

negative pattern

If you spot that, where is that happening? It’s usually happening when you’re browsing through social media. Now, let’s stop. Let’s limit the time you spend in that place, with that person, whatever it is that’s sparking and triggering that thought.

Let’s limit that time, and then let’s swap it for something better. What am I going to swap that with? I’m going to listen to something inspirational. I am going to read this book which that inspirational person recommended. I’m going to go to a class that I have been always wanting to go to or to a workshop or whatever it may be.

You’ve now opened yourself up by swapping it, so spot, stop, swap. Start to spot the patterns, the way you talk to yourself that are begging you down. Start stopping being in those places and times that spark that thought because there’s usually an alignment, and then swap it. Upgrade it for something higher. Just swap it.

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