Being creative always gets you to express yourself better. You see the world in a different way and by being creative the world looks at you in a different way too!

An interview panel was looking for a dynamic and go-getter candidate for the sales department. One of the candidates who had applied for the post concerned walked in.

He looked unimpressive, with a big notebook in his hand. The panel members asked him the first typical question, ‘Tell us something about yourself.

To this, he did not reply. He opened the notebook, gave it to the panel, and said, ‘This is me’.

It was a drawing book, with cartoons in it, about various aspects of his life, his strengths and his weaknesses.

All the panel members were impressed. They recommended the management to give him a better job than the one for which they were conducting the interview.

Moral: Be creative and believe in yourself and you will shine. You might end up getting more than you were trying for.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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